About me

The story of my wine

Born in the summer of 1971 in Sittard, in the southern part of the Netherlands. In high school not really motivated. Always busy with music, bands and rock and roll. For me it was a difficult choice which school would be followed after high school. The choice was between an architectural degree or art school. Art school was too sloppy so engineering became my choice. After graduation and military service I could start fairly soon in the city of Maastricht as an architectural draftsman. Near the town I got the possibility to pick up the creative part again and followed some courses such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

With the start of the Internet age, it was the ideal entry opportunity for me. I was a webdesigner and ended up in the communications department. I started my own webdesign agency gosidesign in 2000 where I am today still working.

What about the love for wine?

Five years ago I came into contact with wine. Three years ago I became a member of the local wine club (CVU) and my love and interest in wine got even bigger. Read but certainly tasted a lot made me decide to use Vivino.

First in Dutch and then in English. With nearly 1.500 reviews it seemed time for something new. I started an Instagram account and started posting my wine reviews also on Instagram. That's almost a year ago now. Meanwhile I got there a thick 18.400 followers and have contacts with great wine producers worldwide. I love the combination of word and image. And after that? I started this blog…what will be next? We shall see. I feel very attracted to the big world of wine. Time shall tell.

That was my story. If you have questions, I answer them gladly.

Enjoy my blog.